It's important to be prepared when conducting an SEO audit, so we've compiled a list of questions for you. These are just some of the topics we address in our SEO audit services.

Which competitors or websites do you need to surpass in organic search results for target keywords?

Where is your company going and what are the challenges holding your company back online?

How is the website performing overall? What are the best performing and underperforming pages? What's your bounce rate?

How are competitors attracting organic search traffic for specific keywords?

Is the website being properly crawled and indexed?

What does the robots.txt file look like?

Does the site have slow page load speeds?

How's that sitemap looking? Any 404 errors that need to be fixed?

Are long server response times resulting in accessibility issues?

How is your site linked both internally and externally on trusted third-party websites?

What keywords can bring in high-value search traffic and where does your company rank for these keywords?

What is your content doing to help you drive business?

Which blog posts and landing pages are being consistently created to target keywords and bring in inbound traffic?

Is the content optimized for target keywords?

Are website visitors spending a significant amount of time engaging with the content?

Is your site mobile friendly? Secure with HTTPS? Easy to navigate?

Are there any duplicate content issues in the form of page titles, meta descriptions and target keywords? Which pages have missing elements like ALT tags, page titles, meta descriptions, etc.? Are the page title tags and meta descriptions too long, too short, or just right?

How can you maximize your resources to execute an SEO strategy?

Those are just a few of the questions we look to answer in a SEO site audit. Check out our FREE SEO score tool.