How to be successful and productive each day: eat the live frog every morning

Tackle high-impact objectives first

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

- Mark Twain

It’s hard to believe that you fail to be productive because there is a big ugly task staring at you, and you don’t want to look at it. But it's true.

What is "the Frog?"

There’s always something we know is mission-critical to accomplish, but for some reason we push it to the end of our list until it’s too late to do it. Next we feel discouraged, and not being able to perform that particular task makes us feel like everything else lacks value. We “wasted” our day. Actually, it doesn’t matter how productive we have been but how we value the things we have done. You might have finished 15 tasks on your to do list and still feel like you haven’t achieved anything.

So… what’s your frog? What’s that big, horrible thing you need to swallow first thing in the morning so you feel like you’ve got the world in your hands?

Tackle the Frog Daily

Maybe your frog can be "knocked out" in one morning, but for most of us, it takes time. Your frog is your most high-impact, challenging and albeit sometimes scariest task or project. And eating the frog can make the rest of your day meaningful and fulfilled.

Your Frog Will Turn into a Prince

All habits take time, and over time you build strength and accomplishment. Whatever your frog is, attack it as soon as you can, every day, until you start to feel even more accomplished, and that ugly frog turns into a prince.